Using the tools of the digital environment, coupled with many years of experience in CGI, we combine organic and synthetic life forms, Art & Science, to present our own vision through the concept of Ecofuturism. It is an author's art-direction and a scenario of the future where digital technologies are integrated into the natural environment and are a harmonious part of it.

We explore possible future variations and existing trends in art, at the border between the human and technical, natural and artificial and translate our vision as eco-friendliness, progress and a positive view of the future through a fashion, digital, AR/VR, AI-generative and interactive medium.

Our works have taken part in multiple International art fairs and exhibitions as Wow Summit Dubai, Dubai Expo, Cosmoscow, Disartive Art Fair, INFTY Popup Digital Art Gallery, London - What Is Art, Venice Art Fair ITS LIQUID.

Our mission as artists is to help humanity consciously step into the future.


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